Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Merry Jerry

Jerry Ye is an Information Science major and Internet aficionado who will be graduating this year. During his time here in SoC, Jerry has created four start-ups, convinced a girl to be his girlfriend 24 hours after they met and had a dream to change the world. He hails from Anqing, Anhui, China and is apparently struggling to play the classic Tang Dynasty song ‘River on a Spring Night’ on his poor guitar. 

What do you do now?
I am the CEO of StreetGAGA. I am working on social commerce in women’s fashion. I am not particularly passionate about women’s fashion - I just like the Internet. [The] Internet is just a baby now. In the next decade, our assets will be programmable. 

Briefly describe your experience as an SoC student.
I made many good friends in SoC. Students and professors here are hard-working, providing a very good studying environment. The education [I receive at] SoC inspires me and teaches me how to think.  I also learn how to create and innovate here. I enjoy [doing] new [things] that my prof and friends [have] never heard or thought of before. [If there was one thing I would change about SoC, it would be to have more] emphasis on innovation.

Which faculty members made impressions on you?
Prof. Ben Leong from Computer Science is impressive. Unlike other professors, he directly objects my opinions. And the communication with him is a shortcut for my self-development. Thus, I always remember him.

What is something most people would find surprising about you?
[My] narcissism.

What are your future plans?
To build something new for O2O first. [Then] later build a new virtual currency. 

Quick-Fire! Pet peeve?

Guilty pleasure?
Destroy[ing] others’ world view[s].

Three ultimate dinner party guests?
My grandpa - I never [met] him
[A] little girl from my childhood - I never [met her again] 
Picasso - maybe I need to talk to him

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